10 Best Private Instagram viewer Apps that really work in 2023

Instagram is the most used social media app after Facebook, many people spend their free time on Instagram to post their images, videos, reels, etc. But Instagram comes with some pros and cons and has some rules and regulations. One of the biggest disadvantages is that everyone can not access the profile accounts of others, you need to get the permission of the owner if you want to see anything from the account it means the account is private and anyone cannot access it.

What is Private Instagram accounts?

Private Instagram Accounts are not publicly accessible to anyone, it needs to send a follow request to the account owner to view all the content on a private Instagram account. They will have the option to either accept or decline your request. If they reject your request then you won’t see any account information. But still, if you want to access private accounts without private accounts without their consent, this is a violation of their privacy and against Instagram’s terms of service.

Alternatively, Instagram private accounts help parents, to see their children’s activity that they are doing on Instagram. It’s one of the best safeguarding sources that many parents want to monitor their children’s Instagram accounts.

So we have come up with the 10 best private Instagram viewer tools that really work in 2023. Each tool has unique features and criteria that you can try out

10 best private Instgaram Moinoting Apps


Website Link: https://www.eyezy.com/

eyeZy is an Instagram monitoring app that offers a simple end easy to navigate through an app. This is one of the best apps available on the market, which tracks your Instagram accounts without any difficulties. It has 24/7 customer support, that helps you at any time.  It offers message viewing and anonymous browsing features.

xMobi InstaHack

xMobi is an Instagram viewer app that you can handle very easily on various devices, To install this app just choose your plan and start right away. With this app, users can find multiple account information such as messages, likes, comments, images, videos, followers, and other activity if users that they are doing privately. This app has an understandable user interface for newbies. The best thing is that you can access anyone’s account without knowing them remotely.


Website Link: https://www.mspy.com/

mSpy is an Instagram monitoring application, that allows you to monitor your Instagram profiles. It’s a reliable and efficient platform that helps parents access their children’s devices and track the online activity they do on Instagram. This app is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, users can easily install it on devices without any extra software. The best part is that the user isn’t required to complete any task or human verification to install the app.

Private Insta

Website Link: https://privateinsta.com/

Private Insta is an excellent Instagram tracking tool that allows you to view private profiles, and their images, videos, and other activity. The app runs on any device without putting any user ID and password of the user. You can privately see the person’s account without taking permission. This app is standout among the top Instagram viewer apps. Just enter the Instagram profile name into the app and hit the search button that’s it.


Website Link: https://umobix.com/

uMobix is another diversified app that comes with unique features that help you to view your private Instagram account in just a few minutes. This has an excellent interface and quick navigation through the app. Anyone can access private account information without any hassle. It offers monitor calls, call history, and messages and GPS tracking and devices.


Website Link: https://www.hoverwatch.com/

It is one of the apps for tracking Instagram on your mobile phone without difficulties. You can send direct messages via Instagram with the help of this Hoverwatch, you need to enter your email address and sign up for free. Using this app you can monitor various phone activities, such as phone calls, GPS locations, social media, etc. It helps you restrict your children’s accounts from accessing illegal and unwanted content.


Glassagram is an Instgarm tracking tool that helps parents to manage their kid’s accounts monitor their activity and protect them from cyberattacks, illegal content, and other harmful online activity. It offers advanced features such as GPS tracking, location set, block content, and more. It does not disclose the data and also protects the account from hackers.


Website Link: https://gwaa.net/

Gwaa is another best free Instagram platforms to monitor multiple accounts. This is 100% free-to-use tool. You get the exact information of each Instagram account no matter what you looking for in the account you can view, comments, likes, videos, and photos without paying any single penny. To access an account, you need to sign up for an account and create a password. The tools claim they do not share your Instagram activity with others and do not disclose any personal information.


LikeCreeper is a free Instagram profile viewer app that allows you to view images, videos, and other media. To access this platform privately you need to username of your Instagram profile. This is a simple-to-use and reliable source.


InstaLooker is an online platform for viewing Instagram’s private accounts. This is the best tool that can work with all devices just you need to install the app on your devices without any issues. This is the ideal app for Instagram lovers who want to see private messages, calls, images, and more.  


There are several Instagram apps available on the web that offer to view Instagram profiles, within your budget or for free. But it’s crucial to remember that using them to access private accounts or download content without authorization and strictly prohibited by Instagram’s terms of service and standards. Some of these apps can also be hazardous for your security and privacy. Be cautious and considerate of privacy when looking at Instagram viewer apps.

FAQs –

Which are the top 3 apps best for private Instagram viewing?

There are several apps available on the market but among these, you can use, Private Insta, Hoverwatch, mSpy

Is the private Instagram viewer app Legal to use?

Instagram has very popular social apps, but the using of private Instagram is not legal in several countries. In many countries, Instagram has its own rules and regulations so before planning to use any Instagram services we recommend checking the rules of Instagram.  

These listed Private Instagram tools are Free?

Everyone can not afford the premium services of tools so we have listed freemium apps so that everyone can use them according to their needs.