6 Ideas for Post-Wedding Brunch Outfits: Bride Edition

The bride’s train has been bustled up for the dance floor. Ever since she dropped a hint about her preference for oval engagement rings, it has been an endless parade of high-stakes costume changes. But now the wedding reception is coming to an end. She’s about to accompany her freshly minted spouse on a triumphant exit through a tunnel of sparklers, or to their getaway copter, or to the sensible sedan that occupies the lone parking spot the venue had to offer. Except for, wait, it’s not over yet.

There’s still that after wedding brunch tomorrow, just before the newlyweds jet out for their honeymoon. It seemed like such a natural event to tack on to the festivities, especially since so many special people are still in town. But making another wardrobe decision is what the bride and groom want to be thinking about right now, for all sorts of reasons. Best to plan that out ahead of time with this handy guide to post-wedding brunch outfits.

First Day of Your Honeymoon Vacation Wear

If it makes it more pleasant, think of the post-wedding brunch as part of the honeymoon rather than the wedding. It doesn’t matter if the actual trip has been postponed for a few months. In fact, it’s even more important to put the day on honeymoon time if the newlyweds are going back to work tomorrow. That is why the groom has that Hawaiian shirt on – the one he calls his “living the dream ensemble.” He’s got the right idea.

Salute the honeymoon destination. Indulge in a floral print wrap skirt straight out of a tropical getaway or a terra cotta maxi dress that samples a Tuscan vineyard. It can literally be something that comes out of and goes back into the pre-packed suitcase. Or it can be something that fits the honeymoon theme without being a part of the gear. No need to let the Arizona heat sweat up the Uggs intended for a Swiss Chalet.

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The Bride’s Favorite Outfit

It’s not uncommon for a bride to spare a longing thought for her favorite outfit during the wedding photoshoot. That’s not a betrayal of her exquisite wedding gown. No one is going to enter a closet in search of the perfect intersection of flattering and comfortable and emerge a wedding dress. It doesn’t matter if that blouse has brunched before. In fact, after testing unfamiliar clothes out in front of her entire social circle and a crew of videographers, it’s nice to wear something she knows looks good.

The Bride’s Favorite Outfit

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The Bride’s New Favorite Outfit

If the bride honestly can’t think of anything that fits that description, she’s due one more wedding-related outfit splurge. Why shouldn’t she have a practical memento of the wedding (along with the bridal bracelet) that will let her carry a bit of matrimonial magic into her everyday life. So if she wished that sundresses or sweaters were part of wedding wear, this is her chance to make that dream come true.

Travel Ready

Unless it was a destination wedding, there’s going to be a few steps between that last bite of key lime pie and that first taste of Key Largo life. So if the brunch truly is the honeymoon launch point, the bride should wear something for the car or the airplane even if she’s headed for the beach or the mountains. No need to start the honeymoon off on the wrong foot by buckling on complicated hiking boots for airport security.

Wedding Colors Not Wedding Dress

Maybe the bride wants to get in on the fun of the wedding colors (her favorite colors). If so, she should pick a solid tone from her wedding palate. She’s got enough pictures of herself in off-white to last a lifetime. Why not get in on a trendy hue that will complement the loud shirt the groom is wearing and extend an olive branch to the bridesmaid who lobbied against sage. This may be a wedding brunch, but in some sense, this is the bride resuming her life amongst friends and family, only as a married woman.

Wedding Colors Not Wedding Dress

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Matching Relaxation

If the bride is worn down by formal wear and the brunch is meant to be a relaxed affair, she should wear whatever she wants. If the couple wants to go full matchy-matchy and wear t-shirts with similar silly slogans, this is the place. After all, the same aunt who made those shirts is the hostess who is laying out the quiche.

A post-wedding brunch is already an above-and-beyond gesture on the part of the bride and groom. It can be a means that the first time they reappear as a married couple, they are choosing the people who they wanted to witness their marriage. But that also means that those people have already seen the bride in her splendor, so there’s no need to necessarily pull out all the stops in her final wedding garment. However, if she finds it relaxing to wear a stunning number that is a better showcase for her creative style than what she wore to the wedding, she should feel empowered to do so.

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