6 Trending Mehndi Designs for A Wedding and Every Other Occasion

Weddings and festivities are all about outfits, jewelry, family, fun, and mehndi. Weddings, engagements, and other festivals look incomplete without a trending mehndi design and outfits.

Mehndi is a beautiful element, and we absolutely love it. Just like trends in similar things like trending lehenga, and trending wedding songs there are trending mehndi designs as every bride dreams of beautiful henna at their wedding and engagement. mehndi is just not about weddings but so many other occasions.

Well, we know finding a perfect trend in between thousands of images on Google isn’t easy. So, here are some top trending mehendi styles and designs that you can’t miss:

1. Lotus Design Mehndi – Trending for Wedding and Engagement

Lotus Design Mehndi
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We saw floral motifs evolve a lot in mehndi designs. They aren’t the same as they used to be. Lotus is considered an auspicious element in rituals, and there are a variety of lotus motifs that we see on mehndi designs. The style is an idol for engagement and weddings. These days you can go for lotus motifs in your henna, especially if you are a bride. It looks beautiful and adds so much to your mehndi.

2. Half and Half Henna – A Must Try for Everyone

Half And Half Henna
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Half and half mehndi designs are surely not getting out of trend, we kept loving this design for so long. No matter if it is some festival, special occasion, or wedding ceremony the design and style fit everywhere. The interesting element of this design is that when you join your hands from the side you see the mehndi design in a whole complete way. Surely a creative way to connect to your mehndi.

3. Mehndi with Figures – Every Bride’s Favorite

Mehndi With Figures
Image source

Bridal mehndi keeps bringing new elements and retrieving old aesthetics, today most of the brides demand figures in their mehndi. Often these figures are bride and groom, the bride in doli, varmala scene in mehndi. But another trend in the figure we spotted is making lords too, like Ganesha in brides mehndi.

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4. Floral Mandala Mehndi – Easy and Beautiful Mehndi Design

Floral Mandala Mehndi
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The floral mandala is considered an always go to mehndi design, you can try it at festivals or weddings. During wedding mehndi or festival for guests takes a lot of time and this design can rescue you. You can keep this design as a common theme for brides mates or other guests, it will look like a sink and surely save time.

5. Laces in Mehndi – A Refreshing Design

Laces In Mehndi
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If you are bored with the usual Arabic mehndi or floral one then this mehndi design is surely a must-try. The design is between lines from small flowers and leaves to other motifs, just like a stripe of beautiful lace. You have both the option, of keeping this lace style in the whole mehndi or adding this as an element in your design. It can be considered an idol design for engagement and anniversary celebrations.

6. Mehendi with Words

Mehendi With Words
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We know in bridal mehndi brides ask for the initials of the groom in the mehndi but we saw a bigger trend this time. Adding texts, messages, or slogans in the mehndi design, just not in brides on for the squad too. Texts like #bridesmaid, #teamgroom, wedding hashtags, and so on. Isn’t it cool? Well, I found it really sweet.

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Mehendi is fun and has an endless creative approach. If you are still confused about what to finalize then you can make a list of all the trends you liked from the above option and create a customized design with all your favorite trending designs.

Originally posted 2022-05-31 11:43:46.