How to Choose the Right Watch to Match with Your Style?

If you watch people on red carpets, you will immediately understand the importance of having the right watch on your wrist, in special occasions. It is one of the elements that changes completely the final look of the outfit. It has to match the style that you are wearing, in order to enhance it. Here is what you need to know in terms of luxury watches, and which one you should wear daily.

Selecting a Watch for Your Everyday Outfit 

When you go through the pages of Chrono24 luxury watches for men, you will uncover a world that you may not have known existed. Luxury watches are not only meant to be worn with a suit and tie. The best example of that is that there are many of them that were created for those sailing the seas. They are waterproof, but most of all, they have various subdials, to calculate time, which is necessary when you are racing on water.

You will also discover, that there are various styles already well-established. Some watches are created for aviators, while others were designed to have a military look. These are characteristics that have to be taken in account, according to the work you do. But then, there are the more classical models, which you will find in brands such as Cartier and Rolex, which looks entirely different one from the other. And if you are a person that likes elegance, but would rather stay away from formality, you may just be the right candidate for a Rolex Mickey Mouse. No one could ever say a bad word about such a great timekeeping piece. Just make sure it fits your clothes and your work. You may also want to look at current trends.

How to choose the Right Watch Size for your Wrist?

The Diameter

This is the most important aspect of the watch that you need to consider. First of all, you should know that a watch below a 38mm diameter or higher than 46mm, is normally considered out of range, as a standard. This would definitely be a faux-pas, if you wore one, especially if you are looking for elegance and good taste. Then, you also need to consider the size of your own wrist, which will make a difference, as well. For those whose wrist is between 14 to 18cm, choose a watch with a 38mm, 40mm or 42mm diameter. If it is bigger, then a 44mm or 46mm should fit better on you.

The Thickness of the Case

When you buy a luxury watch, you shouldn’t have an issue matching the diameter and the thickness of the case. High-level brands understand the importance of balancing these two elements. But still, keep in mind that the thickness of the case should always follow the diameter. If one increases, then the other should too.

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The Band Width

This is the easiest rule to follow, as it is quite clear: The bandwidth should always be half of the case diameter. Therefore, if your case is 40mm, then the band featured on the watch should be a 20mm. But don’t be surprised if some men don’t follow that rule, as this is, in great part, a question of taste, to them.

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