How to Mod the Google Snake Game

Google snake game is a very popular game that is provided by google just entering the “snake game” into the Google search bar you will land on the game menu. Modding is an advanced method so you need to be required to follow the below steps. It’s very easy if you with Google Chrome so let’s start.

1)Go to “GitHub“ and download the Google snake menu mod from there.

2) You need to save the “Moremenu.html” file to your computer so that you can access it easily.

3) Open the bookmark menu in your browser by pressing “CTRL + SHIFT + O” simultaneously.

4) In the top right corner of the screen, click on the “three dots”. Choose the option to “import bookmarks“.

5) Import the “Moremenu.html file” from where you have saved it.

6) In the left menu, you will see that there is an imported folder in the Bookmark managers.

7) Open Google and, then type “snake game” and click on “Play”.

8) Once it opens, click the “Settings” button (three dots).

9) Click the Snake Game Menu link in your bookmarks. The Settings slider will receive a list of mods as a result.

After successfully snake game is installed, you can enjoy the game, If you want to remove the snake game then go to the Menu file in your bookmarks and remove it.

Originally posted 2023-06-23 01:00:00.