You Can Get Double Nose Piercing Easily – Just Like Zhavia Ward

Double nose piercings are a trend that is here to stay. With the increasing demand for double piercings on the nose, people are interested to know the details of it. Therefore, if you are wondering how to get your cute nose ring without much hassle, you have landed on the correct page. Here, we will discuss the primary things that you need to know before you get a double piercing on the nose like Zhavia Ward.

Who Is Zhavia Ward?

Carisa Zhavia Ward, widely known as Zhavia Ward, is a famous and talented American Songwriter and singer. She is from Norwalk, California, and has gained popularity after the popular TV show, The Four: Battle for Stardom. She was one of the finalists of that reality television show.

After the show, she got the opportunity to make an appearance on the soundtracks of Aladdin and Dead pool 2. She is now 21 years old and has already recorded 17 albums. As her mother was also a singer, she took inspiration from her mother. Apart from her exceptional talent, she gets praise from her fans because of her style. She has set the double nose-piercing trend to a new level. However, you can get it done just like her without much hassle.

What Should You Expect During Your Piercing Appointment?

The best thing about the piercing process is that it is insanely quick. You cannot even feel the pain when the expert performs the procedure. The entire appointment will be at least 30 minutes. Before starting the procedure, there are different things that you need to do, such as selecting jewelry, filling out a consent form, answering questions, etc. Then, the expert will make the area where you wish your double nose piercing to be. Then, with the help of advanced piercing equipment, the expert will do it effortlessly without much hassle. After piercing, you may feel that the specific area is a bit warm, which is normal. It will last a minute, and you may experience a sharp pinch.

Double Nose Piercing Aftercare

Aftercare plays a pivotal role in the process of healing. You must remember that nose piercing requires more attention and care than ear piercing. So, you should be very careful after your double nose piercing as it takes almost four to six months to heal completely. If you do not take proper aftercare, the healing process will be longer than you think.

You may experience minimal swelling, bleeding, redness, and bruising from the day of nose piercing up to three weeks. After that, there is no need to worry about these things, as they are normal. However, if you experience tender skin, swelling, or fever, you must visit a healthcare expert, as they are common signs of infection.

First, you must get a cotton swab or gauge, a saline solution, water, and soap. Next, clean the area with the saline solution at least two to three times a day. Then, wash your hands with water and soap before you touch your nose or jewelry. Then, soak the cotton swab or gauge in the saline solution and slowly pat the piercing area. Follow these steps correctly, so that the pierced area is healed quickly.

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Getting a double nose piercing is simple if you know every detail beforehand. The process takes very few minutes to complete. The pain level depends on your tolerance and sensitivity level. First, conduct appropriate research to find reputed and reliable piercers with the experience to avoid future adverse consequences.

Originally posted 2023-02-17 07:13:59.